ND10X review

ND10X Review 2021

Today´s blog post for the EA Best Forex website is going to be an ND10X review, the world-famous robot right now! And guess what!? This software has been going crazy in the market since this whole 2020 craziness started. So, you might have heard about it already in the last couple of months. But no matter what, this robot keeps standing out in the market despite the conditions.

In this ND10X review, our team of professionals have compiled all the details you need to know before purchasing this software. So, you can expect to find secrets, offers, bonuses, advantages, performance, and more about this EA. Don´t forget to check out the Best EA official list on our website to see if you can find this robot or another one that you like. Let´s get started!

What´s the ND10X EA?

The ND10X EA is one of those robots who came to the market to change the game forever. The creator behind this system, Nicola Delic, says you can double your income in just one week with this EA. But, do you think that´s true? To be honest, this statement sounds way too good to be true. But it is real! And we have been able to tell because of the verified results, positive feedback, and the immense number of students he has had to date!

One of the most incredible things about this software is how fast it can increase your money in just a few days. And the reason behind that is the algorithm it uses to trade and the settings as well. Also, you can customize this robot as you want because it comes with learning material as well. So you can practice all the things you have learned about it so far each time you operate with it.
We know you are as surprised as our team already, so let´s get into more details about the ND10X review!

ND10X EA main Features and Settings

  • High-frequency trading.
  • It has one of the fastest algorithms in the market.
  • High-level of accuracy.
  • It operates on the MT4 only and supports all brokers.
  • You can trade all currency pairs with it.
  • Low risk with high reward risk.
  • It only enters trades when the software can see it will get a big profit.
  • The ND10X EA works on any timeframe of your choice
  • starting from 5 minutes.
  • It doesn´t work using risky strategies like grid, martingale, hedging, or scalping.
  • This robot works as an automated robot trading system and as a manual for new traders as well.


People who work behind the ND10X EA

Getting to know who are the people that work behind your favorite trading software is more important than you can imagine. And that´s why in this ND10X review we are proving you with all we can find online about these people. So far, this time there was a lot of information available about the creator because he is well-known in the business. This time we are talking about the one and only Nicola Delic, the incredible entrepreneur who became a professional trader at just 13 years old.

He decided to create this trading software to help other people achieve their dreams by providing them the knowledge to get financial freedom. And when he is not trading himself, he dictates classes and webinars for students all over the world. So, as you can tell, if hundreds of people have been able to get successful with his system, you will get there too eventually!

ND10X EA Trading Strategy and Performance

The ND10X EA has many incredible features and settings available. But, as the developer explains on his website, most of these have to be private so people don´t try and copy it. Either way, for this ND10X review, we found some of the most relevant settings, features, and details.
The first thing to mention is this robot doesn´t enter random trades in the market. It only chooses the best ones with the highest chance of being profitable.

Also, you can choose the times of the day you want it to trade, the currency pairs, how much you want it to invest, and the timeframes. So, it also comes with settings to secure your account like stop-loss, money management, and a low-drawdown while trading. The main strategy it uses to operate is called high-frequency trading, and along with its advanced algorithm, it makes you win many trades.

Prices & Packages Available

Let´s disclose all the packages available, prices, and offers available on the official website of this EA! But, we have to tell you something, they are far too many! Don´t worry about it though, in this ND10X review we will talk about each of them!
When you purchase this software you get:

  • The full ND10X EA
  • Price: USD 499


  • Elliot Wave DNA (USD 997)
  • Scientific Trading Machine (USD 997)
  • Forex Master Levels (USD 997)
  • The Zenith Point System (USD 500)
  • Dynamic Cash Tracker (USD 500)
  • The 80/20 System (USD 500)
  • Dynamo Trading System (USD 250)
  • Ultimate Pattern System (USD 250)
  • Forex Power Pro (USD 250)
  • Elliott Wave Black Book (USD 250)

You can get all the different products listed above for only USD 499! So hurry up and grab your copies before the discount is over.

Pros & Cons


  • You get many trading courses, manuals, videos, and webinars with the purchase of this robot.
  • Full verified results from the developer, as well as backtests on each currency pair, and testimonies from his students.
  • This developer has other software available in the market. And all of them have been highly successful.

Summary ND10X Review 2021

We already made it to the very end of this long and informative ND10X review! So far, after disclosing all the little details about this incredible software, there are not bad things to say about it! When you purchase this system you get more than a basic robot, you get many videos, trading manuals, a mentor, and infinite knowledge. So, if you can afford to pay for it you should do it! You will make that money over ten times in less than a month.

  • 85% Accuracy
  • Working Forex Strategy
  • Real Coders + Owner
  • Myfxbook Proof
  • 30% per month