Forex Gold Investor review

Forex Gold Investor Review 2021

Today our team at EA Robot Forex has a new article for you! Can you guess what is it about? It’s Forex Gold Investor review 2021! This one has been one of the most requested robots in the market for some time now. And that only means that it works amazing and people are feeling curious about it. So, that´s why we are bringing you this brand new review today, where we will analyze this EA very closely.

So, in this review, you will find all the information related to the different strategies and features used. Also, we have a section where we disclose all you need to know about the creators behind this software. And lastly, we give you our final thoughts, the packages available, advantages and such!
So, make sure you don´t miss this Forex Gold Investor review! And let´s find out whether or not this robot can make it to our official Best EA list!

What´s the Forex Gold Investor?

The Forex Gold Investor is the first-ever EA launched by the company FX Automater that works using only metals. And it came out just a couple of years ago to the market. But, since then, it was an instant success with all traders, especially the most professional ones. Although you don´t have to worry about it, even beginners can use this software without any problems. And that´s the best part about all the different products offered by FX Automater, they are easy to use and highly profitable.

The Forex Gold Investor is a great choice for all traders who want to start trading metals, especially gold. Because we have seen during the last couple of years how profitable it is, even more than currency trading. So, if you are interested in this subject make sure you don´t miss a single detail about this Forex Gold Investor review!

Forex Gold Investor main Features and Settings

  • It is fully compatible with the MT4 platform.
  • Works to trade precious metals and such.
  • It comes with many settings and features to secure your account.
  • The algorithm is very precise for trading under all conditions.
  • The exit and entry signals are highly accurate.
  • It comes with drawdown protection.
  • Money-management security.
  • It uses a broker spy module to secure your account from invasive brokers.
  • It provides high profits with small losses.

The team who works behind the Forex Gold Investor

We will always say that rule number one to succeed in this business is being fully transparent. Apart from having good robots to offer, of course. So, that´s why in this section of the Forex Gold Investor review, we are disclosing who works behind it. This time the seller is the FX Automater team, a well-known company in this industry. They are the creators behind the hundreds of famous EAs right now and many signal indicators. So far, this time they have created their first robot that trades precious metals in the market. And it has been a huge success since day one! So you have to make sure you don´t miss this opportunity.

Also, they have many verified live accounts up on the website so you can check out this robot´s performance. And the creators even offer a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked after your payment. So you can tell how much they trust their software to offer this amazing deal!

forex gold investor

Forex Gold Investor Trading Strategy

For this part of the Forex Gold Investor review, we are highlighting some of the most relevant information about the performance of this EA.
As soon as we start reading the sales page we find that these developers mention how great it is to trade using metals, especially gold. And the reason behind this is because, as traders, we know the market can be very volatile and changing. But, when you trade with gold all your money is secure because the prices only go higher each day. So this is one of the biggest advantages you get while using this robot.

And when it comes to its way of performing in the market, the Forex Gold Investor has a very optimized algorithm. It uses many of the latest settings and features in the market like advanced news filter, broker module security, intraday cycles, and such. And it also comes with the basic ones like stop-loss, trailing-stop-take-profit. So these combined are the reason why this robot is so highly profitable, even when trading under the most uncertain conditions.

This EA uses a new technology that allows the software to know the best and most lucrative times to enter and exit a trend. So even if it goes in the opposite direction you will still make money, and the drawdown is minimum as well.

Prices & Packages Available

Into this part of the Forex Gold Investor review, let’s get into detail about the packages offered. At the moment on the official website, there´s only one offer up. So this means that you don´t have to pay extra for any other features or settings, this package comes with everything! Also, at the moment there´s a special discount for black Friday, so you have to purchase this robot as soon as you can!
This package comes with:

  • 1 license for a real account.
  • Demo accounts available.
  • All features, settings, and trading modes mentioned above.
  • A highly advanced algorithm.
  • Broker Spy module security for your account.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free updates and upgrades for a lifetime.
  • Normal price: USD 397
  • Discount price: USD 197

And for the different methods, the seller has available to pay, we have the basic ones! So you can use any international bank account or even a PayPal account if it´s easier for you.

Pros & Cons


  • You can trade many different precious metals using this software.
  • It is highly optimized and updated frequently.
  • There are many verified results from third party websites.
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Summary Forex Gold Investor Review 2021

We already went through all the information you before purchasing this robot. So, now let us know whether or not you would invest using this software? Is this the best forex robot or not? We recommend it because we have seen how well it has been performing on the market since it came out. And you can even see it on the many verified accounts the developers provide on the sales page. So, if you are interested in trading with gold or precious metals in general, this one is the right robot for you!
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